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The goal for every rescue cat is a loving forever home.  I will talk about the two rescue cats who have found their forever home with us in more detail over time.   Today I am just going to introduce them.

As is only right, the two cats who are our models for all of the products in our We Love Rescue Cats store are rescue cats.   Without them, we would not have come up with the idea for the store or the 10% donation of our profits (via Teespring) to Foster Mama Kittys.

In the Foster Mama Kittys post yesterday, I wrote about meeting a number of cats (some stray and some feral) when we moved to our current apartment complex.    One of the feral cats was so terrified of humans that when I put food out for the others, she would wait across the street until she saw me leaving.  Only when she was convinced that I was too far away to return before she could escape would she carefully make her way over to get whatever leftover food there was.

Yes, she is the one who became my own cat.    It has been a very long journey with her and even now, almost three years later, I still cannot pick her up but I am thankful for each slow bit of progress I continue to make in gaining her trust.      My beautiful black cat is named Night and she is the one you see featured in products such as

My nails are drying - funny cat products
I have no idea why Night was in this position, but I am 
glad that I had my cell phone handy so that I could grab 
the picture.   It took me a long time to find the perfect caption
for this pose.  This is the cat who for a long time, wouldn't
even come near a human.  Now she is a model on 
 stickers, clothing, tote bag, phone cases 
and even a mug.   

As you can see in the picture above, three years of living indoors and not having to survive on left overs from the other cats anymore has given Night a bit of girth.    Below is what she looked like when we were first teaching her and her companion, Big Guy, that it was safe to come indoors to eat.  (We always left the door wide open so that she did not feel trapped.)

Night eventually became trusting enough to eat inside as long as the door was open
This photo from July 3, 2016 shows Night being affectionate with 
her feral companion cat, Big Guy.   Over time, we began to slowly 
move their food and water bowls closer to the door and then opened
the door and moved them inside.    We always stayed back when they
came in to eat so that they did not feel threatened.  Allowing Night to 
get used to being indoors this way, made it less traumatic for her when
we did use the Havahart trap to catch her and bring her to the vet for
spaying and shots and then home to begin to adjust to indoor life.

That leads to the next part of our story.   There were two feral black cats when we moved in.  They were identical in size and body shape.  They seemed to be about a year old at the most.  While we cannot prove it, we very much suspect that those two came from the same litter.  We do know for sure that when we brought Night indoors, Big Guy quickly became the companion to the remaining black cat.   He would regularly disappear for 3 - 5 days at a time but always returned to be with her.

Long story short, Black Kitty became pregnant.  By the time we managed to capture her in our Haveahart trap though, she was sick with Feline Leukemia and three days away from giving birth.    Despite intensive nursing and six vet trips, two of her kittens passed before they were a month old and the third one came very, very close to dying as Black Kitty was just too sick to care for them properly.

We were so ecstatic when the remaining kitten survived that we named her Johnny 5 after the robot in the movie "Short Circuit" who triumphantly proclaims "Johnny 5 is alive."      That tiny kitten who fought so valiantly to survive is now our other cat model for our products in We Love Rescue Cats.  She is also the queen of our home.  Over time, I will be sharing quite a few anecdotes about the things she has done.    I am 61 years old and after decades of animal welfare work, I have interacted with more cats than I can count in my life, but I will say without a doubt that she is the smartest cat I have ever met.   In fact, I often tell her person (my partner, Jamey) that "your cat is too smart for my own good."

This IS my exercise routine - funny cat short
It can be hard to get good pictures of Night unless 
she is against just the right background but I think 
Johnny was born to be a model.   She is currently featured 
on a variety of products including clothing, tote bags, mugs 
and stickers and there are future products in the pipeline.

While she has gotten just a bit more sedate then she was in the video below as she has gotten older, she still cracks us up by doing everything from claiming Jamey's wallet as her personal possession (we found it hidden in one of her cat beds) to kicking me out of my wheelchair because she wanted to take a nap in it.  Yes, I will give details of those stories and others in future posts.

Well, somewhat more sedate.  Johnny still has the zoomies, Night even joins her in them occasionally but "the Queen" can also be very fierce.  She knows what she wants and she expects to get it.

Coffee Now! Or there will be consequences funny cat mug
The Queen says "Coffee Now!"

And who are the humans who are owned by these two feline characters?   We are not hiding but this blog is meant to be devoted to the cats.  For any who want to know more about us, we write about our own lives in our frugal blog.

Disclaimer:  We do receive a portion of the profit for all of the products in our We Love Rescue Cats store.   It helps us to keep our two models living the lifestyle to which they prefer to remain accustomed.   10% of the profits for each sale is sent by Teespring directly to verified charity Foster Mama Kittys, a cat rescue group based in DeRidder, Louisiana. 

Each of our products on Teespring has a Verified Charity Contribution badge on it.  If you hover over it with your mouse on a computer or touch it on a mobile device, you will see verification that "Your purchase benefits a verified charity.   10% of the proceeds will go to Foster Mama Kittys."

If you find a product in our We Love Rescue Cats Teespring store that does not have this badge, please do not buy it.   It means it is a brand new product that we have just uploaded and we are waiting for Teespring to add the badge to the product.  If you do not see the badge, then the donation will not be made when you buy the product.    Teespring has excellent customer service and usually adds the badges within a business day or two of us making the request.

Our Disclaimer

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