Foster Mama Kittys

We discovered that a partially blind cat had been semi-adopted by the on-site management when we moved into our apartment complex in 2014.   Food and water were put out for her on days when someone was in the office.

I have been doing animal welfare work in other states for over forty years so I began to feed her when the office was closed.  I learned two things quickly:
  1. her food and water bowls had not been given a good cleaning in a long time, and
  2. there were a number of other strays and feral cats being drawn to the area because of her food.
Long story short, we bought her new food and water bowls and began to feed the other cats daily to get a feel for who was coming around and their condition. We began to trap the regulars and bring them to the vet for testing, spaying/neutering and shots. With the help of the vet and Foster Mama Kittys, we found homes for as many as we could. Unfortunately, this is not a safe area for outdoor cats and a number of them disappeared before we could capture them.

Foster Mama Kittys is a local cat (and occasionally dog) rescue group.   Over the last few years, we have developed a very strong admiration for them as no one in the group receives a single penny for the work they do.   In fact, every foster parent ends up spending a significant amount of their own money to take care of the animals as we did ourselves.    That is one of the reasons I love animal welfare work in addition to the actual animal rescue work.   You just simply meet some of the most fantastic people as you cannot do this unless you are passionate about it.

The local vets do give the group a break on prices and some of the local businesses donate food and supplies but it is never enough.   There are always far more cats in this area needing rescue than there are funds to do so.    Therefore when we decided to open an online store, we chose to work with as they have a program in place that allows sellers to chose a verified charity to receive a portion (or all of) the profits from their sales.     The sellers never see the money.  Teespring sends a check at the end of each month to the address registered for the charity.

10% of the profit from each of our cat themed products in our Teespring store: is being donated to Foster Mama Kittys.   We have pictures of and stories about other rescue kittens on Quirky Quips for Kitten Season in addition to pictures of some of the other products we sell that benefit Foster Mama Kittys rescue work (and our own rescue work).

If you would like to learn more about this 501(c)(3) non-profit cat welfare group, they have a very basic, no frills web site .  The "just the facts, Ma'am"  type of web site is because the group is very focused on animal care and doesn't spare resources for any fancy trappings.  All of the money donated to the group goes directly to animal care.  

Foster Mama Kittys does have a Facebook group  and also holds fund raisers around the DeRidder area to support their work.

Amazon also offers a way to assist Foster Mama Kittys, or another animal welfare charity, if you wish.  If you make your Amazon purchases through Smile.Amazon.Com instead of going directly to Amazon.Com, they allow you to pick one of the charities that they support and donate a percentage of the money from your purchases to that charity.  This does not increase the cost of your Amazon purchases.

Please note that the only referral link on this page is the one to our cat themed products store on Teespring. Other than that, we do not receive any income from any other site listed on this page. 

Rescue cats Johnny and Night resting after a play session
We are the "forever home" for Johnny and Night, who both began life as rescue 
cats. Between the very rough start they had in life* and the fact their life will 
be shortened due to their Feline Leukemia, we do spoil them.  We want to make 
sure they know they are surrounded by love for as long they live.

*We will tell their stories over time in this blog.

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Our We Love Rescue Cats products benefit the rescue cats we personally work with and Foster Mama Kittys.   Near the bottom of this page, yo...