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We saved over $42.00 during a recent shopping trip.   That came from a variety of sources ranging from paper coupons to electronic ones ( and rebates from Ibotta, etc.   The largest chunk of it came from coupons for free cat litter and cat food.

Fresh Step sent us a coupon for a free 25 pound box of cat litter.   We use a lot of Fresh Step cat litter because they manufacture the best non tracking cat litter we have found - Clean Paws.    Unfortunately, Clean Paws only comes in 22.5 pound boxes and the coupon was for 25 pounds of cat litter, so we had to get a different type.  We are very grateful to have gotten 25 pounds of free cat litter and will mix it in with the Clean Paws.

We prefer the Clean Paws because the cats would track other cat litters around, which we would run over with our wheelchairs and grind into the floor.  Since we have started using a mix of 75% Clean Paws in the litter boxes, we have very little litter tracked around.

We highly recommend Fresh Step Clean Paws to anyone who doesn't want litter tracked throughout their home.    Note it is much heavier than regular litter but not having it tracked around is worth the extra minute or so it takes to dig out the heavy clumps for us.

Every box of Clean Paws comes with a code.   When we finish a box, we go to the Fresh Step web site and enter the code for points.   Every time we get 750 points, we can submit them to get a coupon for a 25 pound box of cat litter for free.     If you choose to sign up for Fresh Step, we would greatly appreciate it if you would use our referral code as this will also gives us more points for cat litter.

The second high value coupon came from Purina.  It was for a free bag of dry Purina One cat food ($7.84 saving).    Our cats eat a lot of Purina cat food.    Each time we finish a bag we log the points in.  They can be saved up and redeemed for various rewards.    Sometimes Purina has special offers such as one for trying Purina One cat food for 28 days to see how it improves your cat's health.  We signed up for that and they sent us a coupon for a free bag of dry cat food.

If your cat eats Purina cat food and you would like to sign up for their offers, please consider using our Purina referral code when you sign up as this will help us get more discounted cat food.

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