Injured kitten asks for help

I first became aware of the story on Flatbushcats Instagram account when they published two days ago.

After seeing their post of the sick and injured kitten hobbling up to everyone who walked by trying to find help, I had to find out more.

Sarah Zoe, a rescuer in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY stopped to help this kitten when everyone else just walked by.     Sarah's own description of meeting Lady is:

"Ed and I were walking home on Sunday evening when a tiny cat in horrible condition came running up to us. She was hobbling towards every person who passed her by asking for help, and who knows how long she had been doing so. When someone opened the door to any of the buildings near by she would try to go in - it was clear to us that she was dumped or had at least lived inside before since she had an old flea collar on and wanted inside so badly."

Flatbush Cats said "Lady is underweight, dehydrated, has a bloated belly, scabs on her feet and had a horrible ulcer on her nose that needed to be removed."

Sarah and Ed are handling her daily care and vet visits.  All of her vet work is being paid for by Flatbush cats.

Ladybug's story can be followed (in chronological order) at

Ladybug has a good appetite
Ladybug finished her supper.   This amazing kitten
has so much spirit, such a will to live.  Picture taken
by Sarah on June 14, 2019, and used here with her permission.

Sarah is reporting that

"we’re in the $1,000 range for her vet bills now. To donate to Ladybugs vet bills - all donations that go to @flatbushcats cover her vet care. You can find the link through their Instagram page in their bio. You can also Venmo them directly - their handle for Venmo is the same as their Instagram name: @flatbushcats 
@flatbushcats is paying for her vet care with our amazing friends at"

June 19, 2019 update on Ladybug's condition

Ladybug has a mucometra, fluid in her uterus caused by a calcified fetus. Poor girl! She also has nasal polyps which are causing the breathing issue. Both will be dealt with when we get her in for her spay surgery that’s happening ASAP! They will then be doing a biopsy/culture of the facial ulcer wounds and figuring out what exactly those are while she’s getting her spay surgery as well. So we’re almost there as far as answers! 

this is from Sarah's update link above in case you haven't had a time to check it out yourself.

There is also a donate button on the Flatbush Cats website  They are a 501(c)(3) organization so all donations are tax deductible.

Such a courageous and determined kitten, please follow her story on
Sarah's Instagram site as she posts pictures and videos of her daily progress.

Please note that we are not affiliated with Flatbush Cats or Sarah and Ed.  I was just touched by the spirit of this plucky little cat who worked so hard to find help that I wanted to do what we could to spread her story and encourage people to donate to Flatbush Cats via the information above to help pay for her care.

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