Quirky Quips for Kitten Season

Yet again, we are in kitten season.  The time when all of the cat rescue groups are overloaded with far too many kittens.    This is the time when smaller rescue groups such as Foster Mama Kittys which are funded 100% by donations need extra contributions to get the medical care needed for the kittens (some of which turn up in very bad shape) before they can be placed for adoption, once they are old enough.

5 week old kitten with a fractured tail in my arms at the vet
This 5 week old kitten with a fractured tail was dropped off to
us by the manager of our apartment complex after he was found
up at the pool for our complex.   After a vet visit (shown here)
and some home care, we found an excellent home for him.  They
sent me pictures of the kitten with their daughter for the next year
 to show how much they loved the new addition to their family.
This is definitely one of our Happy Endings Cat Stories. 

One of the purposes of this blog is to help raise money for Foster Mama Kittys as it is a group we truly believe in because we know that not a single person associated with it receives a salary or any type of compensation for their rescue work.  In fact, every foster parent for the group ends up spending their own money to take care of the cats and kittens in their care.  The adoption fees for one cat end up going right back out to pay for the vet care for the  next cat.

To this end, we have created a new store on Teespring called Quirky Quips, as with our original store, We Love Rescue Cats, 10% of the profits of everything we sell is donated by Teespring monthly directly to Foster Mama Kittys. 

The links below go to products that we will earn some profit from, except for the We Support Foster Mama Kittys line as 100% of the profits of every product in our We Support Foster Mama Kittys line goes to Foster Mama Kittys.  A check is sent to them directly by Teespring monthly. 

On all of our other products below, there is a 10% donation made to Foster Mama Kittys by Teespring.

We Support Foster Mama Kittys (100% donation)

We Support Foster Mama Kittys (100% of profits donated)
100% of the profits for the products with this message will be donated by
Teespring directly to Foster Mama Kittys on a monthly basis.  To make it easier
to support this verified cat rescue charity, we have made it available on a variety of
children and adult clothing products, in addition to mugs, tote bags and stickers.

We are continually adding new products with the 10% donation badge to both stores so please check them out when you are looking for gifts.    Some that you might want to consider include

When you have cattitude, size doesn't matter
When you have cattitude, size doesn't matter
When you have cattitude, size doesn't matter so this is available
in both child and adult sizes.  It is also available on a tote bag
for when you want to carry your message around with you.

Do you have someone in your life who loves their coffee and chocolate and enjoys a "relaxed" lifestyle? Then this might be the perfect gift for them.

To Do List for Coffee and Chocolate Lovers

Humorous To Do List for Coffee and Chocolate Lovers
Love Coffee and Chocolate and relaxing?  Show the world with this quirky
coffee stained to do list available on a woman's tshirt and a tote bag.  Want it on
another Teespring product, let us know and we will add it for you.

Do you believe the day doesn't start until you have your coffee, then this might be the coffee mug for you:
Coffee Now!!! Or there will be consequences!

Coffee Now! Or there will be consequences!
Available on other products including t-shirts, tote bag and stickers.

Or is more of an "awww" cat mug the way you want to start your day?

Love is spelled C-A-T

Love is spelled C-A-T
Also available on tshirts, tote bag and die-cut stickers.
Just remember, whatever you do

Do not speak softly, ROAR Loudly!

Do not speak softly, ROAR Loudly!
Also available on tshirts.  If you would like it on another
Teespring product, let us know and we will add it for you.

This is just a sampling of the products we have available in

We Love Rescue Cats

Quirky Quips and⁣

Special Days (for birthdays, holidays and other special days)

10% of the profits for each of our items is donated directly by Teespring to Foster Mama Kittys, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Foster Mama Kittys rescue kitten OJ
OJ and Dottie
This is another Happy Endings Cat Stories. 

OJ is one of the thousands of kittens who has been rescued by Foster Mama Kittys over the years. He was found around 9 weeks old stuck in a garage, alone and apart from his mama. In his foster home, he not only received a bath and food but also lots of love. Dottie, the family dog, loved to mother OJ even after he was bigger than she was.  OJ ended up finding his forever home with a little boy and also a brother cat, both of whom he really loves.

When you buy any of our products, the donations go to support rescue and success stories like OJs for both Foster Mama Kittys and the rescue work that we ourselves personally do. 

At the moment, this is the rescue cat who is next on our list for a vet visit:

Thank you for your support of this much needed animal rescue work.

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