Easily Donate Cat Litter to Cat Shelters with Paw Points

Paw Points is giving people two very easy ways to donate cat litter to cat shelters.

Jamey and I just redeemed six codes from Fresh Step cat litters. Paw Points donated a scoop of cat litter to an animal shelter for each code.

You can also donate your accumulated Paw Points to and they will "3X your Paw Points® donation. For every 1 Paw Point® you donate from 4/20/20 to 6/30/20 (or until goal is met), we’ll match your donation with 2 more, up to 2 million additional points for an overall total of 4 million points."

Since this is our favorite cat litter, Jamey and I have been collecting Paw Points for awhile now and have in the past used it to get several coupons for free boxes of cat litter. If you use Fresh Step cat litters and have not been redeeming your Paw Points, we highly recommend it. It is very easy to do and is now a way to help cat shelters too. (There are many other rewards you can also get with your PawPoints.)

As noted in yesterday's post, we will be mainly posting on https://www.wearegratefulfour.com/ instead now but when we do have something related to rescue cats, we will continue to post here also.

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